UK looks to India as booming fintech sector sets stage for Unicorn surge
UK looks to India as booming fintech sector sets stage for Unicorn surge
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India’s fintech ecosystem has continued to thrive within the past year, with rapid digital transformation now looking to be incorporated into the national fabric – seen in the introduction of digital currency, digital universities and a National Digital Health Ecosystem. The country’s fintech startups raised over $8bn in 2021 alone. Investors in the UK have already taken notice of this – and now, the wealth of opportunities continue to grow, with India’s fintech market opportunity predicted to reach $1.3tn by 2025.

Unicorns have recently become a clear indicator of startup success – now investors are shifting their focus towards Decacorns, and India looks to have become the new playground for investors looking to maximise their investment opportunities in some of the world’s most exciting economies. Already making a name as the third largest startup ecosystem in the world, India produced 44 Unicorns and four Decacorns in the last year alone.

Over 13 million people in the UK are looking to invest in emerging markets – according to research from JPIN, and India could be the golden ticket for those looking to receive the maximum return on investment opportunities. Further to this, with 30% of UK investors wanting to invest in fintech in emerging markets, India looks set to be the destination for those searching for the next Unicorn – and potentially, Decacorn.

The leading startup investment bank between the UK and India, JPIN (, have worked with various Unicorns as well as some of the major players in the fintech arena, with a key desire to not only invest in the future of emerging markets, but to bridge the gap between investment opportunities in the UK and India, ultimately bringing two of the world’s most prominent startup ecosystems together.

Gaurav Singh, founder of JPIN, comments: “India looks set for a period of digital growth in the next few years – with the booming fintech sector assisting with the continuous growth of Unicorns. While we’re still somewhat behind other incumbents like China in terms of value, last year’s growth India’s startup ecosystem shows significant promise. At JPIN we are always looking to back the next generation of startups and businesses looking to change the world: the success of Indian startups has been noticeable in the last year especially, and that is really exciting for us. I can’t wait to see what’s yet to come.”

Nayan Gala, founder of JPIN, comments: “India is one of the world’s largest economies and presents huge potential as a key partner for investment opportunities for the UK – especially in the fintech sector. India is a 21st-century powerhouse and creating a strong UK-India pathway of innovation and investment will help fuel growth and returns on investors’ capital. In total, there have been 84 Decacorns created, and India saw four join this exclusive club in the last year alone. Investors are beginning to look to investing in high-growth companies to make the maximum possible return, and India has proved to be a key player in many in-demand sectors, particularly through fintech not just locally, but internationally.”


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