Startup investment bank JPIN launches strategic funds for India
Startup investment bank JPIN launches strategic funds for India
Author : The Times of India
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JPIN, a startup investment bank, is aiming to invest in 10-15 growth-stage startups with a ticket size of $0.5-1 million through its global fund and around five growth-stage India SME businesses with a ticket size of $0.5 – 2 million through the India fund.

London-headquartered JPIN operates across emerging markets with an investor base of over 2,000 UNHNIs and global family offices.
The venture was started by Nayan Gala, an angel investor in early-stage businesses and venture capitalists.

“Investors look for startups that are on the edge of expansion and can thrive in highly competitive landscapes. On the other hand, investors are looking for opportunities to diversify their portfolios to mitigate risks arising from volatile environments,” said Gala. He revealed that fintech remains the most attractive sector for investors, as fintech startups focus on the unbanked economy of India, which is huge.

“On the back of increased internet penetration and higher literacy in rural areas, there has been a higher adoption of digital banking and payment methods. Furthermore, artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming more affordable, making it much easier for fintech companies to scale quickly and handle a wider variety of client requests“, said Gala.


This article was originally published in The Times of India

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