Play-to-earn: Signalling a paradigmatic shift
Play-to-earn: Signalling a paradigmatic shift
Author : Nayan Gala
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What is it?

Play2Earn (play-to-earn) games are a type of gaming in which a platform allows players to earn any type of in-game commodity that can be transferred to the real world as a valued resource. This business model reinforces the idea of an open economy by rewarding players who contribute to Metaverse’s value. Unlike traditional games where these tokens are confined in a fictional environment, these digital tokens may be exchanged for real-world currency.

Video game business models have evolved to a whole new level as technology has become more accessible to the general population. Previously, games could only be played in designated gaming areas or arcades. With a sack full of quarters, gamers would compete for the highest score. Things changed dramatically when the technological revolution brought games to our cellphones, PCs, and gaming consoles such as the PS5, Xbox, and others.

Blockchain-based gaming attracted a $4.8 billion investment last year and has been increasing in attention. The tremendous success of Axie Infinity has also ushered in a new age of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and play-to-earn (P2E) games in 2021. Such blockchain-based games are part of the crypto world’s next great wave.

Formation of an economic bubble

A worthwhile investment, from the perspective of a venture investor, is one that produces a value-adding, distinctive solution at scale and is sustainable in the long run. One of the most important features is a great gaming experience and a dedicated gaming community.
However, if we consider a P2E gaming environment to be a black box, the input and outflow of money must at least balance each other in order for it to be open for business and be viable.
P2E appears to be a bubble since its emphasis on ‘earning’ at ‘2E’ draws a significant number of like-minded players, resulting in tremendous outflow pressure. The outflow (profits paid to players) appears to be far outpacing the inflows.

The algorithm behind it

1) Conduct qualitative and quantitative research. Use aggregators and other information sources to find all available information.

2) Look for the game. Choose a game from the list that you believe would be a good investment. Then you must determine how much of your time and money each game will need, as well as the potential profit. Choose the ones with the best return on investment.

3) Determine what you should do in the game to maximise your earnings. Do you need to farm on a regular basis? Or is it preferable to buy the game’s tokens in the open market and speculate on them?

4) Maybe it’s even a good idea to acquire NFTs for some of the game’s assets, such as weaponry, land, or the arts. Every game has its own set of rules, you should be familiar with these before you begin.

5) Join one of the many communities available. This might be highly advantageous. You may acquire early access to sales and investment rounds through the communities, earn vast purchasing power, join strong agricultural armies, receive inside knowledge, and so on. Being a part of the community is necessary at the very least to protect your investment in Play2Earn initiatives.

Some features to check for beginners

1) Is there something more to the website or Twitter account than meets the eye? Are there any game art or animations?

2) How many people have already started playing this game? Do they use social media to communicate their feelings about it?

3) What is the definition of a game’s fundamental mechanics? Is it a scalable solution? Can you envision it being played by tens of thousands of people? How about tens of millions?

4) Is the game’s mechanics fair for normal players, or is it geared toward bots? If you choose the latter, the game will not become popular, and you will be more likely to
lose money.

5) What are the game’s rivals, and what is the game’s killer feature?
6) What is the marketing strategy, and who is the project team? What is the team’s background?
7) What is the current state of the game’s development? If the stage is too late, it may be difficult to make significant gains.

Some games congruent with Play2Earn

1) Pet games
The game’s fundamentals are simple: you must purchase one egg, or numerous eggs from the marketplace to begin engaging in the game’s ecology. PETG tokens are required to obtain the eggs. Every day, players can face monsters. Fighting inferior opponents is simpler, but the benefits are lower.

2) Big Time
Big Time is another forthcoming project. It’s also an RPG that’s still in production, and you may sign up for the waitlist for an early release in the future. This is an excellent example of a project that you should keep an eye on as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on a chance when it arises.


We at JPIN have made ourselves available to these kinds of nuances and developments that are being created in the market at an unprecedented rate and with much aplomb. Continuous research and development for Play to Earn games has been undertaken by us so that we can help you make informed and pragmatic decisions.

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