JPIN VCATS completes fundraising round for Expertrons
JPIN VCATS completes fundraising round for Expertrons
Author : Private Equity Wire
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Startup investment bank for the emerging markets JPIN VCATS has completed a significant fundraise for Expertrons, the Mumbai based “Netflix for career tips”, which has over 100k minutes of video content, and 5000-plus global experts from top companies or business schools like JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, IIM, etc. 

These experts share their tips and tricks to secure and succeed in interviews, and the app’s AI engine suggests which experts are the most suitable for a candidate. Furthermore, questions to career related answers are available 24/7, and users, Technology & Software can request one-on-one advice from the pros.

The platform aims to democratise the career ladder, providing a tool for anyone to learn from the best to give them the best chance of securing the career of their dreams. So far, users have viewed roughly 100 million minutes of content.

Gaurav Singh, founder of JPIN VCATS, says: “We are incredibly excited to lead this fundraise into Expertrons. It is a truly revolutionary idea, and a sorely needed one – as young people, particularly from less connected or privileged backgrounds, need something to help level the playing field. This investment should provide vital and timely capital in order to fuel their continued growth and expansion.”

Jatin Solanki, founder of Expertrons, says: “We are very grateful to JPIN VCATS and this pre-series A funding round. It couldn’t come at a more vital stage of our expansion, and this round should not only allow us to continue helping aspirational young people, but also secure the next round of funding.”

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