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As a growing ecosystem, we are building a unique investment superhighway connecting the UK with emerging and established markets. We are currently the most active bilateral investment platform for startups between the UK and India.

A rapidly growing startup investment bank

We are present in 6 countries

  • Portfolio Startups
    30+ Portfolio Startups
  • Startup Applications
    5000+ Startup Applications
  • Syndicated Across Portfolio
    $170Mn+ Syndicated Across Portfolio
  • Combined valuation of Portfolio
    $2.3Bn Combined valuation of Portfolio
  • Investors Network
    2000+ Investors Network
  • Regions we're present in
    5 Regions we're present in
A Glimpse Into Some Of The Startups That We Are Backing

Creating the Largest Investment Bank for Startups

JPIN is sector-agnostic in its investment approach. We focus on supporting the next generation of unicorns and decacorns, who are uniquely positioned to expand into and dominate growth markets

Worldwide Presence with Headquarters in London, England

  • UK
  • India
  • EMEA
  • USA
  • Latin America
Go east young man – should U.K. startups be setting their sights on India?

The volume of goods moving from the U.K. mainland to the European Union fell by 68% in January when compared […]

Go east young man – should U.K. startups be setting their sights on India?

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